Gift Card and Money Holder Puzzle Boxes

Find the best wooden puzzle box to hold both gift cards and money.

These are perfect for Christmas, Birthday, and Graduation gifts.

Commonly referred to as the "Spin Box", The Stash Box is an extremely clever lock box and a...
  A Perfect place to hide a key or other Escape Room component / prop. This puzzle box...
This puzzle box is the perfect compliment to an Escape Room staple: The Clock. The three dials on...
Gift Card Puzzle Box and Money Holder - Cash Out Puzzle Box
$ 16.95$ 15.95
Cash Out is the Perfect Puzzle box for Gift Cards and Money A clever and fun way to...
Gift Card Holder - Wood Puzzle Box - Secret Lock Box
Step up your gift card game with the Secret Lock Box Puzzle Box. Gift cards and money a...
Asian themed with gorgeous artwork engraved the sides this puzzle box will be an amazing addition to your...
$ 59.00
The latest entry in our popular Spin Box Puzzle Box series - the Snowflake Stash Box. This employs...
The Secret Lock Box has just received and upgrade! This wood puzzle box comes blank; however, if you...
$ 49.00
$ 39.00
$ 47.00
$ 16.95 $ 15.95
$ 34.00 $ 32.00
$ 59.00