Escape Room Cipher Wheels

Cipher wheels allow you to create encrypted messages for players in your escape room. 

Cipher disks are one of the most versatile escape room props you will ever find. 

Through the use of cipher wheels and a corresponding cipher key you can create messages encoded in any manner of ways. 

    If you want a custom cipher wheel we can make design and create it for you.

    Possible options for customization include:

    • Different number of wheels
    • Different language(s)
    • Different symbols/images
    • Use of numbers
    • Mixed alphabet/numbers on a wheel
    • Different image and/or text for the top of the cipher

    Please do not hesitate to Contact Me about creating a custom cipher wheel for you.

    Due t' popular demand I be happy t' introduce our Pirate Themed Cipher for Escape Rooms. Ok, enough...
    16 inch Alchemy Cipher Wheel Escape Room Prop
    $ 130.00$ 124.99
    The Alchemy Cipher escape room prop is a perfect fit for Escape Room's with a magical or mythical based theme....
    The Alchemy Cipher is a perfect fit for Escape Room's with an magical or mythical based theme. It incorporates Symbols...
    The Mayan Cipher is a perfect fit for Escape Rooms. It utilizes Mayan Symbols on the rotating top wheel to...
    The Mexican Army Cipher Wheel will add a challenging historic element to your Escape Room. It can also be...
    Sometimes you are looking for a smaller puzzle / prop idea for your Egyptian themed Escape Room. Maybe you...
    This Cipher Wheel in conjunction with the Confederate Army Cipher are perfect for Escape Rooms with a turn of...
    The braille Cipher is an extremely unique addition to your Escape Room. Developed with the aid of encryption...
    $ 130.00 $ 124.99
    $ 55.00
    $ 39.00
    $ 25.00