The Wall Enigma - A Modular & Functional Piece of Escape Room Wall Art

$ 399.00

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A functional piece of wall art perfect for Escape Rooms!

The Wall Enigma is based on our popular Enigma II Encryption Machine, but as you can see there are several stylistic twists. The best part: You can set it up however you want! The Wall Enigma is completely modular. Each gear as its own wall mount enabling you to customize and create a gear sequence which best fits your escape room. This will come with the Gears and Wall Mount Bases for each. The only thing you will need are screws for mounting the Bases and some creativity!

The Enigma Gears are removable. This will allow you to have them originally located somewhere else in the escape room. Once players locate the gears and properly insert them into the sequence the decoding can begin.


large gear enigma for escape room wall 

In the above illustration take note of the arrows pointing to, and the one pointing away from, the 3 Enigma Gears.
Also, notice how each of the Enigma Gears have a different number of holes cut in them (1-3). These are extremely
important for both encoding and decoding messages with the Wall Enigma. Each of the gears also have each letter
of the alphabet engraved in a different order. Because of this it is extremely important that the placement of the gears
by the players exactly matches the used when encoding the message. This goes for both where the gears are placed
and which letter correlates to the arrows.

In the example above the left gear must be the one with three holes and z position next to the arrow. The bottom gear
must be the one with two holes matched to the letter D. With the right most gear having one hole and set to M. Be sure
to incorporate this in to your clue(s) so players can properly use the Wall Enigma. Now let’s get to encoding a message:

To encode a message:
1. Define the the position of each wheel in the gear sequence
2. Create a 3 letter key word and put gears on pins with letters of keyword at each respective arrow. In the example above the keyword would be ZDM.
3. The 3rd gear (right side) is the Output Wheel, or the gear that defines the unencoded letter. Turn this gear such that the first letter to be encoded is at the arrow.
4. Record the encoded letter on the 1st gear at the top arrow. In the example above the letter “M” would encode to “Z”
5. Turn the Output Wheel to the next letter to be encoded.
6. Record the encoded letter on the 2nd gear (middle gear) at the top arrow.
7. Repeat this process going back and forth between the 1st and 2nd gears.
Note that encoded messages are commonly grouped in blocks of 4 letter with no regard for word spacing or punctuation. Once the letters are decoded it is
relatively easy to see the words.
8. OPTIONAL: you can make your message even more secure if you change your Key code during the course of the message. There are many ways to do this.
For example you might have a key phrase that contains 3 key words. (such as “Pet the Dog”) Then after every 12th letter you change the wheels to match
the next key word. The first key setting would be PET, then THE, then DOG. Repeat this process moving through the key words and then starting over.
It greatly increases the security of the message.
You can also simplify the proccess. Instead of alternating between wheels you can just have M = ZD

The decode process works in reverse of above.
To decode a message you must know the position of each gear, keyword, and arrange the gears accordingly.
1. Take the first encoded letter and align it with the 1st gear’s top arrow. Read the unencoded letter on the Output Wheel.
2. Take the second encoded letter and align it with the 2nd (middle) gears arrow. Read the unencoded letter on the Output Wheel.
3. Repeat this process for each encoded letter in the message.

To encode a number, you can either spell out the number (ie, 5 = FIVE) or you can assign a letter to each number:
1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D 5=E 6=F 7=G 8=H 9=I 0=J
1. Insert a # symbol (or any non character symbol) into your encoded message. This indicates a number follows immediately
2. Encode the letter(s) associated with your number(s)

Size of the Gears included (Enigma Gears cut from 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood, Non-Enigma Gears cut from 1/4"Alder MDF):

  • (3) Enigma Gears - 7.291" x 7.266"
  • (2) Gears - 7.812" x 7.812"
  • (1) Gear - 10.15" x 10.147"
  • (4) Gears - 3.884" x 3.876"
  • (2) Gears - 4.638" x 4.638"
  • (4) Gears - 3.122" x 3.034"

This prop can also be customized! I can create it with more gears, different sized gears, as well as customized alphabet  on the Enigma Gears (or symbols,numbers,etc...) Please Contact Me if you are interested in any custom work being done on this for your Escape Room,



A lot of our puzzles can be customized with different images, text, symbols and codes.

If you are placing an order for any puzzle which requires a code such as:

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  • Directional Lock Puzzle
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  • Braille Box

Please select "Yes" to customization and Email me the code.

All Magnet Mazes require a code from you, the other puzzles will have a standard code used if a custom code is not selected.

International Orders Please Email me the code at

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It is very important to relay codes for mazes and any custom information to me at the time of your order.

I cannot get started until knowing exactly what you want. If I do not have this information it will increase the amount of time it takes for you to have the puzzle in your hands.

If you would like to add images or more extensive customization please contact me prior to placing your order so we can work out the details. 

I can also create custom one off props to fit in with the exact needs of your room. If you have an idea please do not hesitate to contact me. We may just be able to bring it to life.



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The Wall Enigma - A Modular & Functional Piece of Escape Room Wall Art

The Wall Enigma - A Modular & Functional Piece of Escape Room Wall Art

$ 399.00