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Nested set of 3 Treasure Chests - Lock Box Prop for Escape Rooms

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A set of Nesting Boxes perfect for your Escape Room. You can can keep them nested with each box have a different lock (combination, key, number, or even word, whichever works best for your room) or have them placed individually throughout your Escape Room. 

You can use a lock available via Amazon, your local hardware store, etc... on each box. Leaving them nested will create aunique experience for you Escape Room players and give them a sense of progress as they work through the three boxes.

The large box measures about 18” x 13” x 15” high.  Interior of box is nice red lacquer finish.

These were made by a small family business in northern Thailand.  My father happened to go by their little shop while there in the spring and fell in love with the boxes.

All work is hand done including the glass cutting.  Workmanship has a rustic appeal to it. Each box is a slightly different in the details because of this.

Quantity is very limited.  I have some with green cut glass as shown in picture and video, and some with red cut glass.  Other than that boxes are the same.

There is also a version of the chest with a flat top instead of the curve.  This chest is a little wider.  Contact Phil (352-777-1069) for more info or via E-mail.