Large Teak Box with Hasp for Escape Rooms

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A beautiful teak box constructed from old growth teak. Combo, Alpha, Direction, Key Locks, etc... will fit making it an ideal addition to your escape room.

The box measures 13.5”L X 6”W X 7”H on the outside with internal measurements of 12”L X 4.5W X 5.5H making it a good size to fit larger objects. This is a very attractive box with deep wood grains and dark tone.

It is illegal to farm these old growth trees in Thailand where these originate, so the craftsmen who make these search forests for old cuttings to find material to work with. In some cases the wood is salvaged from old houses and boats. The supply of these is obviously limited.

We also have a smaller version of this box as well as extra durable wood boxes with hasps available.