Cutting Board Style Premium Escape Room Message Prop

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An extremely attractive message panel prop for Escape Rooms. You can customize this with a message idea of your own or one we have already devised such as: Sign Language, Morse Code, or The Opticum.

IMPORTANT: Please enter the Message/Code desired in the "Special Instructions for Seller Box" on the checkout page. IF you would like to use your own form of code please contact us so we can set it up.

The board is cut from Acacia wood with a very nice finish.

There are a TON of possibilities for this blank canvas. It can contain a phrase or message devised by you to hang in an Escape Room. It doesn't have to contain a secret message, but it is an Escape Room!

We offer three different version of Secret Message Panels

The Opticum 

(most popular)
Morse Code
Sign Language  

These are examples of the 3 options we already provide which can be engraved on our Premium Secret Message Panels. They are not the only ones though! This is a wonderful opportunity to use your creativity in order to develop a perfect prop for your Escape Room.

The engravable surface measure 8.25" x 11" so keep this in mind when devising your message, phrase, or sign.

For additional information on customizing your Escape Room and this item please visit our Custom Work Page.

You can also Contact us with your questions, we love questions!

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