Rough List of Escape Room Puzzles Currently Available

Hey Everyone,

As you may or may not have heard we experienced a fire at the shop over the weekend. While it has left us without the ability to make anything new until the electricity is restored, our puzzles in stock were fortunately not damaged.

Below is a rough list of what is currently available and ready to ship. Orders through the site have been partially restored. You should be able to purchase any of the puzzles listed below through the site. If you are interested in anything else or experience any issues ordering please E-mail (, or call (352-777-1069). We are borrowing a generator from a friend which is allowing us to power the computers so I can get out anything currently in stock ASAP.

From what I understand the timetable on the power being turned back on is very much up in the air. As a result, I will not be able to do any custom work or customize any puzzles for the time being.

Lobby Puzzles section:

For Puzzles Boxes:…/puzzles-boxes

Secret Stash Box
Dragon Lock Box
Secret Stash Box II


Gated Key Maze
Round Key Maze
Round Key Maze in Red
Round Key Maze in Black
1 Key Maze II Acrylic JR - in colors shown on product description
1 Acrylic Key Maze II - Black Top, White Middle, White Bottom. On this please note it is the old style which used a magnet for the quick reset
1 Acrylic Key Maze II - White Top, Red Middle, Neon Green Bottom. This is also the old style
1 Acrylic Key Maze II - Gray Top, White Middle, White Bottom. These are the new style shown on the website.



Sign Language
Mini Pharaoh
Pig Pen
Confederate Cipher 
Union Cipher

Beer Bottle
Wine Bottle
Standard Size Bowling Pin Holey Moley
Shut the Box Mini

Enigma Machines:…/enigma-machines
Enigma II Large 
Enigma II Small