Puzzles And Games to Enjoy at Home

Enjoy puzzles at home. Check out our selection of brain teasers sure to exercise your mind.

We have wood brainteasers for all ages and difficulty levels.

Puzzles can provide hours of enjoyment and exercise your mind at the same time. Brain Teasers assist in the development of cognitive abilities in children while helping older individuals retain their mental capabilities.

You can personalize any of our brain teasers with a laser engraved name, message, or company logo. 

  • Perfect if you plan on giving the puzzle as a birthday, graduation, or holiday gift
  • Adding your logo or business name to a puzzle is an effective way to promote your business
  • Great for corporate events and gifts for business partners, clients, and employees


$ 35.00
Beautiful, artistic, and difficult puzzle featuring items associated with Maine. “Ya can’t get theah from heah”  might be...
Century Cube Puzzle - One of Our Most Difficult Brain Teasers
If you are looking for a challenging puzzle look no further than the Century Cube. Consisting of 6...
City Planner - A Creative Puzzle With Multiple Solutions
$ 22.95$ 19.95
The City Planner is a really cool puzzle. It takes a unique approach in both solution and piece...
Apothecary Chest - Difficult Brain Teaser For Adults
$ 24.95$ 21.95
A unique and difficult wood puzzle for adults and teens. The Apothecary Chest is a wonderful puzzle sure...
$ 35.00
$ 22.00 $ 18.00
$ 22.95 $ 19.95
$ 24.95 $ 21.95