10 Penny Puzzle - A Fun and Simple Logic Puzzle

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The 10 Penny Puzzle will not blow you away in terms of difficulty; however, it is a fantastic puzzle to leave out in a common area for people to try. The goal of the puzzle is to fit 10 pennies into the open space.

Circle packing is a branch of recreational mathematics where the aim is to pack n unit circles into the smallest possible square.  As I thought about it , it occurred to me that this may make a fun puzzle to do with pennies.

 Check out the video below by Mr. Puzzle for a full run down of the puzzle:


The 10 circle problem appeared to the best challenge as the solution is not at all obvious.   I precision cut the opening such that the pennies will just fit in with no room to spare.  The text is all deeply laser engraved and the backing is heavy duty floorboard so the puzzle has a great weight and feel.  The puzzle comes unsolved as there is a temporary home for the tenth penny which you must find a way to insert into the large opening.

The solution is provided.  Made in our Hudson, Florida shop.