Dueling Pirate 30 Minute Mobile Escape Room - 4 to 100 players! Synergy Sets Creative Escape Rooms

Dueling Pirate 30 Minute Mobile Escape Room - 4 to 100 players!

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A unique mobile escape room experience which can be scaled up to meet large scale demands. You can choose a single "Station" for 4-6 people or purchase multiple to create a competitive dynamic and scale up for larger events.

This experience is ideally suited to Corporate Events, Team Building, and Pop - Up/Mobile events. With a (giant) helping hand from Michelle Budiwski of Escape the Final Countdown Creative Escape Rooms is proud to now offer a full mobile escape room experience. The game was designed to have two teams competing against each other or as a single team game. The first to solve the puzzles, obtain the dead Captain's secret word, and open the treasure chest wins the prize of your choice. The only things you need to supply for this package are any decorative elements you want to use and the final prize(s) (I also suggest pen/paper or dry erase board to use with the cipher).

Each Station is designed for 4-6 people and identical. This allows you to create an experience tailored to the size of your event. Just get the teams set up and let the competition begin!

Please be sure select the correct number of stations needed when placing your order. If you plan on having a dueling set up you need to order 2 or more.

With this package you will receive the following:

  • ALL Puzzles Needed
  • All Lock Boxes Needed
  • ALL Locks Needed
  • Puzzle Flow and Outline of the game
  • Full Support and Help in Getting it Up and Running

Puzzles/Props Included:

Disk Maze II
Pirate Holey Moley
Pirate Cipher Wheel
Pirate Themed Overflow
Pirate Themed Directional Lock Puzzle
4 Point Marble Maze
Teak Box with Hasp

Please contact me with any questions.