Escape Room Secret Messages

Secret Message Puzzles and Props are a great addition to your Escape Room. 

You do not want to just have a piece of laminated paper laying around. 

Black lights can be cool, but you do not want your whole escape room relying on a black light do you? 

We have developed interesting and unique ways to provide players of your room escape with all the information they need, but in ways they would never expect. 

Each one can be customized with your own unique code, message, symbols, and more.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

I came across Moon Type while doing some research and immediately realized its Escape Room potential. Using the...
An Ancient Egypt themed Secret Message Puzzle/Prop for Escape Rooms with an Egyptian theme. A fun and unusual...
A fully customizable Escape Room prop. The Morse Code Panel is a clever way to supply hidden clues...
This puzzle enables you to create a custom message challenge unique to your Escape Room. It enables you...
A fully customizable Jumbo sized Secret Message Panel for Escape Rooms. This is a large Escape Room Prop...
An extremely attractive message panel prop for Escape Rooms. You can customize this with a message idea of...
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$ 18.00
$ 95.00
$ 40.00