Mazes for Your Escape Room

Add an interactive WOW factor to your Escape Room with our selection of Mazes

Every escape room is different and requires certain style of props With this in mind we have designed a diverse selection of escape room mazes.

Some of escape room maze styles:

  • Mazes which will require your players to manipulate a piece to free a key.
  • Mazes which utilize magnets to navigate the path and free a piece(s) for a clue.
  • A maze which requires at least two players
  • Mazes which require the player to physically manipulate the maze to free a piece(s) for their clue

All of the escape room mazes which use disks can be customized with different codes such as:

  • Letters/numbers
  • Symbols/images
  • Words

Please contact me with any questions or for additional information.

$ 275.00
An All New All BIGGER Magnet Maze Prop for Your Escape Room! Red and green just for your...
$ 275.00