Mirror Magnet Maze - Two Person Escape Room Maze

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It has been a long time coming - An escape room maze which requires multiple players to solve. The Mirror Magnet Maze simply cannot be solved by a single person!

On one side of the maze is a mirror. On this side stands a person with a magnet only able to see their own confused face. On the other side is the maze path only the person who can see it has no way to solve it. In order to work through the maze and retrieve the clue/message/code the players must work together. One giving direction and the other using the directions to navigate the maze - all the while staring at their own confused face in the mirror.

The mirror panel extends past the maze to make mounting easier. See the image below for exact sizing of the maze itself (the mirror side extends about a half inch out on each side).

The internal piece (the one players must navigate through the maze) can be engraved with a short message, numeric code, symbols, image, etc... Please enter the code/message you want engraved in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at checkout. International Orders please Contact Me directly with what you would like engraved. Images/symbols can be done, but will cost more due to additional time needed to prepare and engrave.

The maze can be done in multiple colors! See below for a list of the available options. PLEASE be sure to make note of the color you want in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at checkout.  International Orders please Contact ME directly with the colors you want

Available Colors:

Sky Blue
Neon Green

If you have any question please feel free to ask! Just send over an Email to CreativeEscapeRooms@Gmail.com