Christmas Themed Magnet Maze Jr Escape Room Prop Puzzles Creative Escape Rooms

Christmas Themed Magnet Maze Jr Escape Room Prop

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An All New Compact Magnet Maze Prop for Your Escape Room!

Customized with the Holidays in mind. This version of Magnet Maze Jr is the perfect prop for your Christmas escape room. Escape rooms owners looking for a smaller quick maze for their escape room. The object of the maze is to navigate the the circular piece through the maze path. Along the path are three blacks which players must proceed through to eventual free the piece and reveal the code/message/symbols engraved on the bottom.

The magnet maze be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface as the outer screw holes go all the way through the base of the maze. This allows for easy mounting to ensure the maze is secure.

The props dimensions are 12" x 12" x ~1" 

Reset on the maze is fast and easy. You can either run the piece back through the maze or unscrew on end of the clear acrylic cover over the hole and drop it back in the maze.

Since the maze is designed to be modular it can start or end at either side. It can also have a Bridge connected to each side. Each end has a piece which can be removed/inserted to either open up or block it off.

Please be sure to leave the code you want engraved on the key piece in the "Special instructions for Seller" box at checkout. International customers pleas Email me the code -

By combining the Magnet Maze Jr with Bridges(s) and additional Magnet Maze Jrs or Magnet Maze XLs you can create a giant maze spanning a wall or large table. You can also purchase all three together in the Connector Magnet Maze Kit.

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