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The Tumbler Puzzle Box - Escape Room Prop

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A difficult multi-step wood puzzle box designed for escape rooms. 

The Tumbler is a seven-layer lock box designed for escape rooms which contains 3 separate compartments. It can be opened by rotating the different layers in the proper direction when combined with the correct box orientation (topside up or inverted). The Tumbler features a corresponding base which will ideally be set apart from the box and secured to a level, flat surface.

This image represents the seven layers of birch plywood and the arrows indicate where the box segments will rotate and separate.

Without using the base, the players can rotate layer 7 counter-clockwise and open the drawer in layer 6. This can only happen when the entire box is inverted. Nothing else will open at this point.

To open the compartments in layers 2 & 4, the entire box (with layer 7 attached) must be mated to the base. There are several hints to guide the player, beginning with the unique box shape. Our challenging Opticum puzzle on the box top reads: “My Base Will Free Secrets 2 and 3”. The Opticum text can only be read when it is held at an angle to a light source. If they have already opened layer 6 (Secret #1) this will tell the players there is more to the box and in any case indicate 3 secrets in total. This will also let players know they need to find the base.

There are corresponding marker dots on the box top and the base, along with a raised diamond in the base which mates with a pocket on the box bottom to ensure correct alignment. Once on the base, a counter-clockwise turn will open the box at the 3-4 joint. The slightest clockwise turn will release the lock on the 1-2 joint with a following counter-clock rotation to open it.


Layer break down for the tumbler escape room puzzle box

Note: All of the layers that will come apart (1,3 & 7) have a small tick mark to indicate the “12 o’clock” point on the box (as viewed from the top). This is to aid in rotational alignment when re-assembling the layers.


The base measures about: 9.75" x 9.75" x 1.75"h
The Puzzle box fully assembled measures about:: 6.25" x 6.25" x 5.25"h
Each compartment measures about: 3.25" in diameter x .5"h

The Tumbler was designed and constructed by our talented, creative, brilliant and yet still humble master craftsman, Robert Justiana. Produced in our Hudson, Florida shop. (I wonder who wrote up the description for this one...)