Key Maze II Puzzle Package - Prop Collection for Escape Rooms

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Featuring 3 of our most popular props, the Key Maze II, Pig Pen Cipher, and 2 Jumbo Enigma Gears (w/ wall mounts), the Key Maze II Puzzle Package will be right at home in your Escape Room.

With the Key Maze II you can have a key to a lock/door/box, etc... trapped on the Key Man. Before players can use the key they must navigate it through the maze. The key maze also comes with a handy quick reset system to make things easy and fast for owners/GMs. If you would like to order back up a back up Key Man or two (the piece which holds the key and players navigate through the maze) click here.

The Pig Pen Cipher, and 2 Jumbo Enigma Gears will allow you to create encoded messages albeit in two rather different ways.

Pig Pen Cipher uses a set of symbols which represent each letter of the alphabet. Through the use of the Grid Key players will be able to interpret the message. For more information check out this Blog Article on the Pig Pen Cipher. You can also purchase an extra set of tiles here.

The Jumbo Enigma Gears might just be the star of this package. While normally the Enigma uses at least three wheels two will work perfectly well. This package also includes Wall Mounts for the Enigma Gears making it it easy to get them set up. With the Enigma Gears you can take a seemingly random string of numbers/letters and have players turn them into a decoded message.

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