Escape Room Puzzle Packages

A selection of Puzzle Packages I personally have put together for your Escape Room.


Purchasing a puzzle and prop package for your escape room not only saves you money, but also helps take some of the guess work out of setting up your room escape game.


You will find different types of packages:

  • One which contains a preset puzzle flow which is "plug and play." (no actually electricity required) The puzzle flow has already been laid out for you. All you need to do is fit it into your existing or new escape room.
  • One which contains a collection of puzzles centered around a theme. These are primarily focused around Christmas and Holiday themed escape rooms.


Each package and individual puzzle can also be customized to better fit with theme/vision of your escape room as well.


If you would like to customize or discuss options please feel free to Contact Me.

Santa's Christmas Themed Escape Room Puzzle Package
A Collection of Christmas Themed Puzzles which can be implemented in a variety of ways. Santa's Puzzle Package is...
Rudolph's Christmas Themed Escape Room Puzzle Package
Three different puzzles perfect for your Holiday themed escape room! Below is a list with links to each...
$ 665.95 $ 615.95
$ 499.00 $ 475.00