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Dragon Spin Escape Room Puzzle Package

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This Escape Room Package Incorporates 3 Puzzles & Enables Players To Open The Puzzle Box.

Players will use the Scramble Spin in conjunction with the Mini Shut Box to figure out the three digit combination of the Dragon Lock Box. The versatility of the Mini Shut Box really shines here. It can be used in a way which associates a number with a color or in this case a color with a number.

And you save a few dollars by purchasing the package!

Once players align the Scramble Spin it becomes quite apparent to players which colors, and consequently numbers, hold value for them. All they have to do now is turn the dials of the Dragon Lock Box to the corresponding positions.


By default this will come with a random code. IF you want a custom combination please make the appropriate selection from the dropdown menu. For US Residents enter the desired code (must be 1-9 on each wheel) in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box at checkout. International residents please Contact Me directly with your code.

If you would like custom images to replace the Dragons on the puzzle box please E-mail me.