5 Minute Escape Room Puzzle Package

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Provide a unique and entertaining 5 Minute Escape Room Experience

An (almost) all inclusive 5 Minute Escape Room package for two players that will be ready to go out of the box with minimal additional work needed on your part. This is a perfect Escape Room Puzzle Package for Pop-Ups, Craft Shows, and other activities used to help promote your Escape Room Business. This can also be used as part of your in house Escape Room as well and is ideally suited for 2-3 people.

All of the clues and puzzles have already been set up for you! All you need to add is add the key for the Gated Key Maze and what it will unlock to complete the room.

Puzzles included in this set:

This Five Minute Escape Room set up centers around our Gated Key Maze.

What makes this Key Maze so unique are the "gates" the Key Fob has to travel through in order to reach the maze's exit. Each gate can be released via unique key which leads us to the really fun part of this package - solving the puzzles!

There are two puzzles boxes which need to be opened in order to obtain the Gate Keys. The Secret Lock Box II and The Secret Stash Box.

How to open The Secret Stash Box is actually encoded in Pig Pen via the Pig Pen Cipher. Escape Room players will be able to translate the encoded message via the Pig Pen Key Panel. The encoded message will read "spin the box lift the lid."

Opening The Secret Lock Box II may be a bit trickier as players will have to solve the Spin Maze (with stand).

Trapped inside the Spin Maze Escape Room players will find the combination needed to open The Secret Lock Box II

Once both of the puzzles have been solved and the puzzles boxes have been opened players will then be able to tackle the Key Maze. This is where you have the opportunity to add your creative touch.

I intentionally left out the finish to leave room for you to add a personalized element to the experience.  This allows you to decide what key goes in the key maze and what it unlocks.

*Please note actual time will vary group to group and on what you decide to end the experience with.