Secret Lock Box - Escape Room Puzzle Box

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The basis for our Jail Cell Lock Box. This is a very challenging puzzle which will certainly up the ante in your Escape Room.

Finding the solution for this puzzle will be difficult. It is best used with other parts of your Escape Room. For example you could have the combination hidden in another part of the room. Another option is having a picture that conspicuously displays the combination.

If you would like your Escape Room name or a message to be engraved on the lid of the box please select the appropriate selection from the dropdown box.

Outside Dimensions of the box: 5.125" x 3" x 3"
Inside Dimensions of the Box: 3.375" x "2.125" x 2.125"

For additional information on customizing your Escape Room and this item please visit our Custom Work Page.

You can also Contact us with your questions, we love questions!

The basis of this design came from Mr. Erhan Cubukcuoglu of Turkey.