Magnet Spyglass Escape Room Prop

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Reveal magnets hiding just beneath the surface with our Magnet Spyglass. Just think of what you can do with this in an escape room.

The magnifying glass / spyglass piece is cut from 1/4" acrylic with a 1/32" covering on each side. The "glass" portion is made up of clear acrylic and a special material which aids in the discovery of magnets which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

How far the Magnet Spyglass is able to penetrate depends upon the material between it and the magnet in addition to the strength of the magnet. The stronger the magnet the further it will be able to penetrate. The thinner the material the less strong the magnet needs to be.


This can be used to discover a message constructed of magnets. Perhaps a number or code embedded under a thin surface which otherwise looks unimportant. It can also be used to help players located a magnet or playing piece. There are definitely a lot of clever ways this escape room prop can be utilized.

The Magnet Spyglass measure ~ 7.25"L x 4.25"W x .275" thick