Confederate Army Cipher Wheel- Escape Room Challenge

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Ideal for Escape Rooms with a Civil War, turn of the century, or War theme. This Cipher Wheel can be customized show your Escape Room's logo and to fit perfectly into your Escape Room's theme.

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Precision engraved wood version of this famous American Civil War Cipher. It was used by the Confederacy from 1861-1865 and rather difficult to decrypt. It was originally designed by Francis LaBarre, a gold and silver worker and based off the Vigenere Cipher System. Only 5 survive, two of which are in the museum of Confederacy in Richmond, VA.
Out version is 4.4" (but can be customized to fit the needs of your Escape Room) and made from Alder wood. The top maintains authenticity the Text and artwork remains true to the original.
Please click the link for detailed instructions on how to use the Confederate Cipher Disc.