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Braille Box - Room Escape Puzzle and Prop

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So many puzzles in Room Escapes utilize the sense of sight, but what about touch? The Braille Box prop utilizes braille to relay a 4 digit code.

Important: By default the box will come with a code of 2637. IF you want a different code please make the appropriate selection from the drop down box and enter the code in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box on the checkout page.

The goal for your guests is to find the secret code.  When discovered , the code can be used in whatever manner the Escape Room desires, such as perhaps the combination to a lock or door.  Or perhaps a 4 letter word that is needed in the next puzzle challenge.

The box 6” x 6” x 3” box  is solid and will not open.  It is also empty.  On the bottom size is a hole large enough to easily fit a finger.  Around the  outer sides of the box are the digits 0 to 9 with their braille equivalent.  Your quests will no doubt wonder what an empty box is for!

There is a secret inside the box though…

The bottom of the box has the numbers 1 to 4 laser engraved at 90 degree intervals around the center hole.   If one sticks a finger in the box and feels under each of these locations, a series of raised dots can be felt.  Eureka!

However, now those raised dots must be interpreted to numbers using just your finger senses combined with braille table glued to the sides of the box.

The design was the result of an Escape Room owner asking us if we could build something so that a blind person could actively participate in the Escape Room Experience.  Though a sighted person can solve this; the edge would certainly go the person who can read braille with their fingertips!

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